by Shadow History




Melbourne 2006
Manchester 2009
Adelaide 2011

Ben Winch - guitar/vocals
Reed Cathcart - drums/bass
Chris Layhe - bass/piano
Leigh Eaton - drums
Paddy Ryan - programming

Recorded by Paddy Ryan, Paul Eaton & Ben Winch

Songs by Ben Winch

Cover photo by Andrew Noble


released 18 May 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Work It Out
It could be my thoughts are wrong and it's just this time
It could be that I'm asking you to give me something
Something that just isn't mine
But I tried to harmonise with brothers, tried to work it out
So get wise, no lies, I've got some answers
Don't make me scream and shout

There's nothing 'cept for money and fame
There's nothing 'cept for nothing at all
There's nothing 'cept for bodies and faces, faces
Her face ain't like no face I've seen before
I hated them the moment they came
They came to crash the party, that's all
I'm fated to be hated the same, I'm to blame
I'm gonna be hated for just having the gall.
Track Name: Physical Realm
Are you looking at me?
It's hard to tell
I keep forgetting to breathe
I'm in the physical realm
I never noticed her leave
But I guess you'll do as well
So symptomatic of me
Another chemical spell

I'm in the physical realm
I'm in the physical realm
I'm like a fish in the sea
Hope I remember it well

Another ego to feed
Another image to sell
Is it dogmatic of me
To have a story to tell?

I'm in the physical realm
I'm in the physical realm
I'm like a fucking disease
You're like a chemical smell
I'm on a sonic trapeze
Above a spiritual well

On a tightrope of sound
My head keeps spinning around
Like a white hope I've found
Not what I thought it would be
Can't say you're nothing to me
I'll cut the ropes that hold me
Tell 'em that the dope they sold me brought me down
Track Name: Stopped / Blind
Nothing stirs in the dark but me
It doesn't scare me till I see
The eyes of the people in the half-light
Looking back in fear at me.
You showed me the light could set me free
Can't thank you enough for choosing me
I guess I was stunned by the glare of your eyes for a while
And you just let me be.

We shattered ourselves in pushing near
We gathered the pieces up in fear
I tried to believe that you were everything
That I'd ever revere.
Those pieces of you they spread like seed
I find them in every girl I meet
Can't tell if it's you I love
Or me or just another girl on the street.

I've been hoping for a sign on an open door
I've been trying for the smile that'll reassure them all
I've been smiling when I cry, when I'm feeling sure
Could be that I've stopped trying to be blind.

I wish I could somehow let you know
How being apart's helped me to grow
I wish I could touch you laughing
Sitting in the back row and watching my life on show.
But nothing can make me so afraid
As thinking of what you've gone and made
It's hard to believe that I could ever cope
With seeing that on parade

I've been hoping for a sign on an open door
I've been trying for the smile that'll reassure them all
I've been smiling when I cry, when I'm feeling sure
Could it be that I've stopped trying to be blind?
Guess it's about time...

As years go by...
Track Name: Heard the Call
I don't feel very small
But you seem very tall
I can't see through the wall
Won't you please pay the toll?

One for all
My crystal ball
(Says nothing, I've been bluffing so long)
Got some gall
To believe I've heard the call

Once I knew I was gold
Now I do what I'm told
Saw the light in the cold
What a sight to behold

Young or old
You leave the fold
(Keep running, they'll come gunning for you)
Got one goal
Gotta leave, I've heard the call

I believe I've heard the call
Gotta leave, I've heard the call
I'm bereaved, I've heard the call
Track Name: Institutionalised
She's seventeen, a libertine, if only
I promised her I'd call her from inside
She's plasticine, a rash to me and she owns me
Whoever said that's afraid of the facts and the lies
An odyssey from you to me, an omen
A magic so black it cracks and explodes in your eyes
"Break on through," a brave man said, if only
I prefer the words of a shaman: "I'm alive"

I'm alive, institutionalised

So you think it makes you right
If you leap into the fight with a hard-on
Man it only proves that you're asking
To get fucked from behind
And if you think they're trying to cheat you now
When all they want are the smart bonds
Ah man you'd be a sucker to join 'em
When the guns are fired

So arise, institutionalised
Track Name: Drop of Rain
Every little drop of rain
is keeping me from the fire warning
and I swore never to walk through the place
where the garden was razed
Every little step I take
is keeping me from the fine morning
when I'll wake knowing what lies
in the time become lines on her face

And it's another morning on the way
Can't keep from falling - run away

Help me through another day
Help me still the wild yearning
to cross back over the line
to a time I can never replace
How could I have touched the flame?
How to stop the fire burning?
How bring back all that was lost
when the flood broke and shattered the gates?

And it's another dawning gone today
No sense in mourning - it's gone away

It's gonna rain
It's gotta rain
Track Name: What She’s Got
I just want what she's got tonight
One whisper will set the stars alight

I fell through the surface of her eyes
But I won't be the first to taste the prize

But I never shoulda left her on her own
And I never shoulda kept my only one
And I never should left her on her own
If we never meet again shine on shine on

Come on surrender to the drive
Ain't it good to be alive?
Track Name: Star Destroyer
It's comin' for ya
You got no-one to blame
Yeah they adore ya
But now they know your name
Must I implore ya?
Don't wanna end in flame
A star destroyer
Entering the frame

Let the same stars shine on every town
Keep shining as the world goes round

A star destroyer
Track Name: Marooned
Girl we gotta get out
It's breaking my heart
If we can't do it together
Then we'll do it apart
You know I love you
But I just haven't lived
I hope you make it
You got so much to give

I'm marooned
On a desert island under the sun
I'm marooned
I'm fading fast and there's nowhere to run

Man we shoulda made it
We kicked out the jams
I thought I had it
But it slipped through my hands
We gotta do this
I ain't giving up
You take your own way
And we'll meet at the top

I'm marooned...
Track Name: What It Is

Fucked her hard, don't remember her name
But I found it hard to be ashamed
It's like a dream, honey honey I lied
Ain't life a scream, baby live till I die

Cos I know that I'll always be loved by you
And I know I've got something important to do
And it shows, we're the favourites girl, me and you
I'm gonna blow, so let go and I'll come when you do

There's nothing 'cept for running away
There's nothing 'cept for watching 'em fall
There's nothing 'cept for sitting in safe rooms, safe twos
Faces at the crack in the wall

I hated them the moment they came
They came to crash the party, that's all
I'm fated to be hated the same
I'm gonna be hated for just having the gall